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Belted notebook A5 Kožený

Cena 31.80
Dostupnosť: na otázku
Rok vydania:
Aleš Havlíček, Jana Konečná, Monika Žažová

Cena bez DPH: 26.50
EAN: 8588005572422
Vydavateľstvo: Goodone, s.r.o.

We are a team of designers and architects active in several fields of design and architecture. We use notebooks, sketchbooks and diaries every day. Our main goal is to offer you a simple thing, suited to your everyday life with a slight emphasis on the importance of comfort, order, usefulness and durability. We came up with a complex design with smooth details and some intelligent improvements, made of natural, partially recycled materials or materials with good environmental credentials.YOU is flat and comfortable when open.YOU doesn’t have sharp edges, all corners are smooth.YOU is partially made of upholstery leather remnants, with advantage of both elasticity and thickness, preventing the saddle form damage when the notebook is open.YOU includes calendar/planner/ for 2014. Each page is for one week. Comfortable for business notes but also for every day plans.YOU has a tight rubber band that protects the notebook from spontaneous opening.YOU can be taken anywhere and anytime. The handle belt and its additional components can easily be attached to the notebook that can then be worn as a bag or a waistpack. Although we are speaking just about the notebook all the time, to really have the freedom of writing something down requires you to also have something to write with.YOU provides a place for your pencil or pen on the handle belt.

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Šírka: 150

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